Healthy Life

Stress and depression have been among the most popular words lately. We would like to give you some tips about the part based on your diet.

Diet has a direct relation with depression and stress. Direct and indirect consumption of carbohydrates and fats have a significant impact on this relation.

Come on! Let's start the day better! First things first, never skip breakfast. There is a relationship with the breakfast you have and how you feel throughout the day. Therefore, breakfasts shall include high quality protein sources as cheese, eggs, milk, etc., as well as high quality carbohydrates as whole grain bread, muesli, etc. and vegetables and/or fruits which are vitamin sources. You must eat breakfast within one hour upon waking.

The breakfast may be a mixed breakfast including various products or a sandwich. A good breakfast including eggs gets you ready to the day. Fresh fruit juices, cocktails made of fresh fruits and vegetables must be consumed frequently. You can prepare these cocktails at home with your kitchenware, but you have to consume them within two hours for them not to lose their tastes or vitamins.

Healthy Breakfast Menu from Chef Zeki

  • • Nuts,
  • • Tomatoes – Cucumbers,
  • • Black and/or green olives marinated by olive oil,
  • • Pineapples and Cheese accompanied by Walnuts and Apricots,
  • • Flower Honey,
  • • Pine Honey,
  • • Strawberry Jam,
  • • Sour Cherry Jam,
  • • Clotted Cream or Black Mulberry Curd Cheese,
  • • Battercake with cheese and herbs,
  • • Mixed Istanbul bagel,
  • • Scrambled eggs with milk,
  • • Fresh parsley and mint leaves,
  • • Rye bread, wheat germ,
  • • Baked chicken breast slices,
  • • Strawberries, watermelon, damson, grapes, fresh fruits