Franck Mereyde

TAV Airports Deputy CEO

1. Could you please briefly introduce yourself, who is Franck Mereyde?

I am married with 3 daughters from 8 to 15 years old. I have been working as a manager for the last 22 years; and I like to build solutions with a team, share my passion for our business where human is very important, give meaning to our jobs, and support our teams to be agile in a world where everything changes so quickly. I am an engineer and my favorite topics are still aeronautics and data modelling. I like to understand how things work and I enjoy managing in the short, mid and long term.

2. How long have you been in Istanbul?

I was in ADP executive committee when ADP decided to work closer to TAV. I always supported this project and I always thought that TAV is one of the best companies. I joined Istanbul team with all my family in September 2017, and we are all very happy to live in Istanbul and have been exploring Turkey since then. We have already been to 6 different regions and we always had a great time and wanted to visit again. Istanbul is now our home and we are always happy to come back to Istanbul.

3. What is your favorite Turkish dish?

I like Turkish food a lot. I like the incredible choices of wonderful cuisines in Turkey, from Gaziantep to the Black Sea, from the East to the Aegean coast, including meat and fish and there are a lot of great vegetables and desserts, and of course wine and cheese!

4. What is your motto in life?

Learn from the past, enjoy the present and think what you can do to improve the future.

5. What are the things you cannot stand?

Don’t lose time to say “it is not fair”, think and act to move things around you in a better way.