Dear Colleagues,

TAV Group has been focusing on airport design, construction, financing and operation since its establishment and reached its current position in the sector. We have been specialized in the sector by maintaining our focus; and thus, achieved innovation and create added value for our stakeholders. We placed our employees to the top of our list of stakeholders. Customers of a company cannot be satisfied unless the employees of the company are happy.

The business model of TAV requires high-level of communication among various departments. We need to understand the behaviors, requirements and expectations of our passengers from the moment they start planning their travels until they board the aircraft and offer services and solutions accordingly.

We operate 15 airports in seven countries. Moreover, TAV is preferred at 78 airports in 20 countries with its products and services. Each airport has a different passenger profile and each passenger profile has different requirements and expectations. Each country has different legal, economic, administrative and cultural processes.

We have the keep the information share and communication at the highest level to be able to manage the whole living organism. While achieving this goal, innovative solutions and success come along. The first issue of Newsport, our internal communication magazine, was released in 2006, when TAV took its first step towards growth in Turkey and abroad with the know-how and experience it acquired in Istanbul.

Since then, we have achieved several significant milestones including the IPO of the company, establishing one of the world's largest airport operation platforms with ADP, creating a preferred brand in the global market, etc.

During this time, Newsport took a break and now gets back as an online magazine prepared by using the in-house resources of TAV. As a result, we have another platform to get to know each other better, prepare a short-term breakdown of and also remember what we have achieved in the meantime.

I believe you will enjoy reading it.

Sani ┼×ener

CEO, TAV Group