01 Antalya Airport was awarded “ACI Awards 2011 - The Best Airport in Europe - 10-25 Million Passengers”, in 2011,
02 396 permanent, 112 seasonal, 19 trainees work at Antalya Airport as of June 2018,
03 “Antalya Airport Smart Steps” application is the first mobile application in the world using Apple's in-building navigation technology designed for the visually-challenged passengers,
04 Level 3+ Neutrality of the Airport Carbon Accreditation Certificate of ACI of Antalya Airport was re-approved on June 2018 to be valid for 3 years
05 Antalya Airport was awarded the Green Airport certificate Certificate in February 2010 and has been renewed every year since then,
06 Antalya Airport was awarded obstacle-free airport certificate in 2011,
07 Antalya Airport hosted 1014 aircraft, on June 8th, 2015 and broke the record of all times