Colorful Life of TAV

TGS Red: The Champion of the Green Fields!

The champion of this year's TAV CUP Soccer Tournament is TGS Red. The tournament was attended by over 400 employees of TAV Group companies in 33 teams and TAV BHS and Havaş Station teams secured the second and third places, respectively.

Colorful Life of TAV
Colorful Life of TAV

Champions of the Backgammon

Faruk Bilican from TAV Istanbul became the Istanbul champion of TAV Cup Backgammon Tournament while Ömer Sezgi became the Gazipaşa-Alanya champion. The tournament was attended by 58 employees. While, Adnan Kahraman and Mevlüt Çolak secured the second and third places in Istanbul, respectively; Ömer Sözener and Yavuz Polat was rewarded the second and third places at Gazipaşa-Alanya, respectively.

Colorful Life of Tav

TAV Theater Stages "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" of Bertolt Brecht

TAV Workshop Theater Company staged its fourth play, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, at Kültür University Theatre Hall. This year, the Theater Company also staged a children's play called "Sütlü Nuriye" as part of Disability Awareness Week for the mild mentally challenged children, between ages 7 and 24, who are studying at Yeşilköy Special Education Center. At the end of the play, which was watched with great interest and enthusiasm by the children, the theater company gathered with the students and had their photos taken with the children.

Seda Çam

Seda Çam / TAV Security / Acting Chief of Security

Mrs. Çam, would you please introduce yourself briefly? Who is Seda Çam?

- I was born in 1981 in Sakarya. I am married with one kid and continue my two-year degree. In 1999, I was recruited as a Security Personnel at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and since then, I have been assigned to various security related positions. At the moment, I am the Acting Chief of Security.

How did you decide to become security personnel?

- Following the 1999 August earthquake in Sakarya, where I was residing, I decided to visit a family friend in Istanbul to get away from the stress and chaos of the city. Then I heard that there were recruitment opportunities for different departments of Atatürk Airport, which was still under construction at that time. While I was thinking if I could handle the job, I got the opportunity to have a job interview with the Tepe Security officials. So, my security adventure started with Tepe Security, which brought me to where I am at TAV Security.

To be honest, I came across with several other job opportunities in different fields throughout my professional life, however, as a woman employee, I cannot imagine another company that cares, values and admires a lot about their woman employees. Thanks to the support of my company, I have been provided a lot of training which contributed a lot to my occupational and personal developments. I can see the difference when we gather with other professionals in the sector working at different companies.

You prevented a terror act by detecting three members of a terrorist group at Atatürk Airport during your shift and were presented a "Success Story" award. Can you tell us the details about that day?

- It is not enough to know how to use the security devices to become security personnel in the aviation sector. It is an essential part of the job to interpret the behaviors and define the profiles of the people passing through the security points. On the day that I detected those people, I was checking the profiles of the passengers passing from the security points as usual. A Swiss passenger got my attention, so I decided to search her hand baggage and she became nervous. While searching her hand baggage, I came up with some brochures in the colors of the terrorist organization. During the checks I performed in her other belongings, I found a book about the life of a guerilla woman and some photos. Then, I realized two other men were watching my security checks a few steps away; so, I included them to my search and they presented me Syrian IDs. After that I informed the security forces and they became involved. We handed over the documents and digital data that we collected from the passengers to the security forces.

I will never forget the pride I felt that day. I was thinking I would never ever feel more proud until I took the stage to share my story and get my award during the GÜSOD Success Awards ceremony. I was like speechless and felt an indescribable excitement, pride and honor.